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My name is Lucie. I became a vegetarian in 2013, after a lifetime of carnivorous regime. I had always enjoyed cooking, but learning how to make nutritious and satisfying veggie meals was a struggle at first. When cooking a non-vegetarian meal, the star of the dish is whatever piece of meat or fish one has selected – everything else is pretty much garnish.

For that reason, most meat-eaters cannot fully comprehend what vegetarian food is…

No, I don’t just eat lettuce. No, I’m not starving myself for days on end… Yes, there are sources of protein which are not chicken.

People’s perception of what vegetarianism is is highly skewed by their own views  and understanding of their food habits. And it’s no-one’s fault, really. I myself was raised as a meat-eater, and was never introduced to any alternatives, let alone to the concept that there may be other options out there.

It’s tricky to imagine something that sits beyond your own frame of reference and what you know, right?

Learning how to cook vegetarian meals started by turning my entire cooking habits on their heads. It forced me to think of a dish in a completely different manner, and to marry ingredients together in new way.s It made me explore different spices and play around with grains and pulses more than I ever had before.

It also took quite some time to learn how to do something I thought I had already mastered: cooking vegetables. Veggies are delicate, they’re versatile, they need care and attention. They need whoever is cooking them to understand what is needed to cook them to their optimum consistency.

Too often veggies are relegated as sides, and too little attention and time is given to them. Most people barely notice they’re there at all! Becoming vegetarian has taught me how to pay attention and learn how to truly handle those often forgotten ingredients.

As for anyone trying out anything new, it took a few failed attempts and a number of ok-ish results before the right combinations emerged.

My advice to you, lovely reader, if by any chance you feel like a piece of advice right now, would be to stay open-minded.

To explore.

To be playful with what you want to put on a plate.

To try things out – sometimes it’ll work, and sometimes it won’t, either way that’s ok!

And most of all, enjoy the ride!

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